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100 married couples to recommit their love for nation building, The Loving Couple Festival Johor Bharu 2019

On Saturday, 28th December 2019 at the M-Suites Hotel, Johor Bahru 100 married couples recommitted their love for nation building at The Loving Couple Festival Johor Bahru 2019 themed “With All My Love Forever”. The festival, jointly organised by Universal Peace Federation of Malaysia and Persatuan Kebajikan Pengguna Johor, is a marriage recommitment celebration where married couples come together to celebrate family and love regardless of race, religion and age.

It was truly an event to remember, with a variety of programme highlights, together with a sumptuous dinner, couple dynamics and the presentation of Loving Couple Awards, such as:
1) Longest Marriage Award – 56 years
awarded to Mr. Abdul Razak Ahmad & Mdm Sharifah @ Zainab Binti Wahid
2) Cross-Cultural Marriage Award – Indian & Chinese
awarded to Mr. A. Visvalingam and Mrs. Lim Guat Teong
3) Most Number of Children Award – 6 children
awarded to Mr. Farizan Bin Jumari and Fauzan Azura Binti Mohd Selam
4) Model Couple Award – very active in community and social works
awarded to Mr & Mrs P.Tochenamuriti

This meaningful event also gained support from the office of Deputy Prime Minister, Johor State Government and Lembaga Penduduk dan Pembangunan Keluarga Negara (LPPKN).

The main objective of the programme is to promote healthy marriage and family relationships grounded in true and selfless love, forgiveness and mutual respect. The Loving Couple Festival also serves as a platform to foster racial harmony and unity among couples from
different racial and cultural backgrounds. Peace and unity in the family is the key to nation building and strong, loving families are the pillars and foundation for building a peaceful, united and progressive nation.

The Organising Chairman, Tuan Haji Meraj @ Mohammad A. Jalal, highlighted the importance of establishing strong, loving families, “I hope this festival will raise the awareness of the public on strengthening marriage and family values as a means to tackle the critical family issues in modern society today.”

In his opening address, Mr Sudesh G. Balasubramaniam, President of Universal Peace Federation of Malaysia said “When marriage and family is our concern, despite our differences we can unite on one common working goal for nation building.”

Besides enjoying a sumptuous dinner, all couples also participated in a fun and exciting series of engaging games designed to encourage couples to appreciate and cherish one another. There were also wonderful multicultural traditional performances and entertainment. The
event ended with lucky draw.



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