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Iftar Ramadan with Karangkraf Rasuah Busters

Representatives from UPF Malaysia and Women’s Federation for World Peace Malaysia attended an Iftar (Break fast) Ramadan hosted by Rasuah Busters at Karangkraf, Shah Alam on 22nd of April.

Prior to breaking fast, Datuk Nasir Hamzah, the co-founder of Karangkraf, Puan Nurhayati Dato’ Nordin, CEO Rasuah Busters, together with their secretariat team conducted a briefing on their activities and explored opportunities on collaborating with UPF and the coalition of partners to curb corruption.

UPF and WFWP representatives commended the work of Rasuah Busters to rid corruption while President Sudesh reiterated UPF’s peace principles that called on each of us to transform ourselves and become people of character based on the ethic of ‘live for the sake of others’. Promoting good values and working on this common platform, there would be much synergy.

The iftar Ramadan gathering was a traditional one with all seated on the floor, breaking fast with dates followed by other delicacies.
Deepest appreciation to the host and UPF looks forward to working together with Rasuah Busters as it’s coalition partner for a corruption free society and nation.



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