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Memorial Gathering for the late Tan Sri Dr. Devaki Krishnan

On 2 February 2024, the Universal Peace Federation (UPF) Malaysia organized a solemn and heartfelt Memorial Gathering to honor the life and legacy of the late Tan Sri Dr. Devaki Krishnan, a distinguished Ambassador for Peace, former President, and senior board member of UPF Malaysia at her residence at Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur.

The event commenced with a symbolic and touching flower offering, symbolizing respect and remembrance for Tan Sri Dr. Devaki Krishnan. Mr. Joachim Ng, the Master of Ceremony, welcomed the attendees and set the tone for the evening, creating an atmosphere of reverence and reflection.

An excerpt from the founder’s autobiography was read, providing insights about leaving behind a legacy of love. A video presentation showcased the remarkable contributions and achievements of Tan Sri Dr. Devaki Krishnan, highlighting her dedication to the cause of peace and her impactful role within UPF Malaysia.

Asst. Prof. Sudesh G. Balasubramaniam, President of UPF Malaysia, delivered a heartfelt speech, expressing gratitude for Tan Sri Devaki’s leadership and emphasizing the enduring impact of her work on promoting peace. Datin Dr. Jayanthi Krishnan, daughter of Tan Sri Dr. Devaki, and a council member of UPF Malaysia expressed her gratitude to the UPF family for organising the memorial event and recalled how her lovely mother brought her into the UPF family. She mentioned that the UPF family had brought a lot of unforgettable memories to her mother.

Tribute messages from Dr. Thomas Walsh, Senior Advisor of UPF International, Hon. Ek Nath Dhakal, Chairman of UPF Asia Pacific, and other international leaders of UPF and UPF Malaysia’s Board of Advisors were played to commemorate the contributions of Tan Sri Dr. Devaki. The evening concluded with a moment of silent reflection, allowing attendees to pay their respects in their own way and remember Tan Sri Dr. Devaki Krishnan in their hearts.

As a touching tribute, the nurse of Tan Sri Dr. Devaki, Ms. Myra from the Philippines presented a song, adding a personal touch to the event and underscoring the profound impact Tan Sri Devaki had on those around her.

The Memorial Gathering of Tan Sri Dr. Devaki Krishnan served as a tribute to a life dedicated to the pursuit of peace. It united attendees in shared memories and gratitude for the remarkable legacy left behind by this exemplary Ambassador for Peace.

Memorial Video: https://youtu.be/W5ZfueHS_Y0

Condolence Message Videos:

1. https://youtu.be/f5IBJkrfvcE

2. https://youtu.be/aP5cD2WWqRk



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