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Peace Road Penang 2023

Whilst the Peace Road event was held in Kuala Lumpur on 6 August, another peaceful fun walk was also held on the same morning itself in Penang, gathering more than 100 participants on to celebrate multi-racial togetherness and unity in Malaysia.

Peace Road Penang made a comeback after a long pause since the pandemic with the theme of “Connect for Inclusiveness”.

This fun walk, co-organised by UPF Penang Chapter and PERSATUAN KEBAJIKAN ASAS PULAU PINANG – PKAPP PPM-030-070-19102016 with the close support of State Assemblyman of Batu Uban, YB A. Kumaresan, took place in the residential area of Taman Pekaka.

During his opening speech, YB Kumaresan highlighted the need for tolerance, harmonious co-operation and mutual prosperity between communities to achieve sustainable peace.

Participants enjoyed the light exercise and received goodies bags with Malaysia Madani badges as well as breakfast.

We thank all the partners and sponsors for the support:

– Peace Children Care Centre

– Chinese People’s Federation for World Peace Malaysia

– Persatuan Muslim Tanjung Pulau Pinang

– Ahmadiyyah Muslim Community Penang

– Gabungan Dakwah Malaysia Pulau Pinang

– Hidayah Centre Foundation Pulau Pinang

– Partners for Global Peace Malaysia

– Chakuma Relax Spa

– Pertubuhan Kebudayaan & Kebajikan Sosial Kaum In

dia Pulau Pinang

– Persatuan Sahabat Prihatin Pulau Pinang



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