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Visitation to Peace Children Care Center, Penang

Representatives from UPF Malaysia HQ paid a visit to the Peace Children Care Center (PCCC) in Penang on the 19th of March. The PCCC, founded by Mr. Alagesan Ayaru, who is also the UPF Penang Chapter Chairman, currently houses 12 children aged 4-12 years. In her brief introduction, Ms. Jayanthi Kandayah, the Secretary of PCCC, explained that the children came from various backgrounds with a tragic past, including broken homes.

The young children welcomed all guests with a few songs sung in 4 different languages, moving and touching hearts with their pure and innocent voices. President of UPF Malaysia, Mr. B. Sudesh presented the Circle of Light Distinguished Humanitarian Award to PCCC, represented by Mr. Alagesan, in recognition of the home’s founding principles which exemplify the ideals of living for the sake of others.

As part of the Circle of Light Humanitarian Aid Initiative by UPF, goodie bags containing stationeries and other gifts were given to all children by the EXCOs of UPF. The children also presented their ‘Peace Dove’ handcrafts to all guests as a token of appreciation. The gathering ended with a delicious home-cooked dinner sponsored by UPF.



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